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Domain Spam Filtering

This settings page is only available to Domain Administrators and System Admininstrators with the proper permissions.

SmarterMail includes a variety of antispam measures that will help keep a user's inbox free of unwanted mail. In the Spam Filtering section, Domain Administrators can review/configure the spam filtering options and trusted senders for users on their domain. To access the spam filtering configuration, log into SmarterMail as a Domain Administrator and use the Menu icon to navigate to the Domain Settings section. Then click on Spam Filtering in the navigation pane.

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  • Options - Configure the filtering Actions for spam messages on your domain
  • Trusted Senders - Exempt specific email addresses and domains from spam filtering


In most cases, a System Administrator has already configured the filtering options -- spam weights and Actions -- for spam messages on your domain. However, if the System Administrator allows it, Domain Administrators can override those settings and change the Actions configured for spam messages of varying weights to help further remove potentially unwanted email.


  • Override spam settings - Enable this setting to customize the spam filtering Actions for your domain. If this option is disabled, the systems's default spam filtering policy will be displayed.
  • Allow users to override spam settings - Enable this setting if, as the Domain Administrator, you want to allow users to be able to further edit and manage the Actions taken on messages of varying weights.

Editing Actions

Each type of spam check has an associated weight that factors into the spam probability of a message. In addition, a specific Action is set for messages that score the weight set by the System Administrator.

To edit the action, click on the card associated with the weight you want to edit. From there, click the dropdown on the Action to change it and click the OK button to save your change.

Trusted Senders

Domain Administrators can add specific email addresses (such as or domains (such as that will be exempted from spam filtering. This lets the system know that these messages come from a trusted source and can prevent mail from friends, business associates and mailing lists from being blocked or sent to the Junk Email folder. By default, every contact in a user's Contacts list is considered a trusted sender and bypasses spam filtering.

Note: If SPF and DKIM spam checks are enabled, SmarterMail will run those checks on ALL emails, including those from trusted senders. Because anyone can write any return path that they want when sending a message, this extra check helps prevent spammers from flooding users with hundreds of messages that aren't truly from a trusted sender. If the SPF and DKIM weights on a message from a trusted sender meet the Low, Medium or High spam filtering threshold, the corresponding spam filtering action (Move to Junk Email Folder, Delete Message, Add Text to Subject) will be performed on that email, despite the email coming from a trusted sender.

When entering trusted senders or domains, enter only one item per line break.