SmarterMail Help


This settings page is only available to Domain Administrators.

MAPI is Microsoft's "Outlook protocol". That means it is the foundation by which Outlook on Windows does things like share tasks, calendars and email folders; set up meetings; create contact groups and much more. EWS is a similar protocol, but one that was developed specifically for integration with the Apple ecosystem. While other, non-Mac email clients have adopted EWS (e.g., eM Client), it primarily works with Apple Mail on the Mac.

What makes SmarterMail's use of MAPI different than its competitors is that SmarterMail has native, server-level integration of MAPI, just like Microsoft Exchange. Other products use separate pieces of software that are installed on client machines to "emulate" Exchange functionality. These "Outlook Connectors" don't provide the full suite of Exchange features to Outlook. In addition, they're another piece of software that a client has to install, and that mail administrators or IT staff have to manage.

If a Domain Administrator is given the ability to manage MAPI/EWS mailboxes -- that is, add and remove MAPI/EWS functionality for Accounts -- then this tab allows that Domain Administrator to do that. In addition, any mailbox with MAPI/EWS added will appear here.


Once the tab loads, all Accounts that have MAPI/EWS enabled are displayed. Domain Administrators can either Enable MAPI/EWS for an Account, or, by selecting one or more accounts in the list, Disable MAPI/EWS. Columns diplayed include:

  • Account - The Account username.
  • Name - The friendly name of the Account.
  • Last Login - The most recent login date for the account using either protocol.

Add MAPI/EWS to an Account

To add MAPI/EWS functionality to an account, click Enable. A small modal window will open and you simply need to add the Username for the account requiring either MAPI or EWS. Then click Save.

NOTE: Both MAPI and EWS are enabled for the account. That means that a user can use either EWS OR MAPI, so they can connect clients that use either protocol, or connect mutliple different clients across different computers.