SmarterMail Help


SmarterMail comes as a single installation file that contains everything necessary to run the product and get it set up on your server, regardless of the Edition that you intend to use. The features available are based on the license used during the activation process; if no license is entered, the Free Version will be installed. The SmarterMail installer can be downloaded from the SmarterTools website.

SmarterMail starts by installing the overall web service. This is just like any standard program installation: you select the path for the installation, etc. After the web service is installed, SmarterMail then runs it's IIS Configuration Tool. This includes:

  1. Verification that IIS is installed. If IIS isn't present, the necessary components will be installed as IIS is a requirement for SmarterMail.
  2. A check to see if a SmarterMail site already exsists on the server. If not, one is created. If a site already exists, you can select that site and use it for your installation. Using an existing site is perfect for users who are simply upgrading their installation to the latest version.
  3. If setting up a new site, you set the site name, set your hostname, select the IP(s) to use for the installation and the file path for the Management and Reporting Server. If using an existing site, these steps are bypassed; you're asked to select the site you wish to use for the installation.
  4. After setting up your new site name and paths, SmarterMail will create an app pool using that site name, then set up a site in IIS that uses the new app pool.
  5. Next, the necessary permissions are set for the site.
  6. Finally, the installation is verified.
  7. Once everything is verified, the Getting Started Wizard opens using the server's default browser.

Getting Started Wizard

The Getting Started Wizard is a simple, yet complete, 3-step process to get SmarterMail up and running on a server. Using it, you walk through 3 pages where you:

  • Add, and activate, your license key. Activation enables the features available with the license level you enter. (I.e., Professional versus Enterprise features.) If no license key is entered, you have the ability to run the Free Version of SmarterMail indefinitely.
  • Set up a primary system administrator account. The system administrator has full run of the SmarterMail server, which includes server-level settings for abuse detection, spam protection, etc. SmarterMail allows for more than 1 system administrator account, but at least 1 is needed in order to get SmarterMail set up.
  • Set up the information necessary for your new mail server to be discoverable, and usable. This includes adding a hostname, binding server IPs and more.
  • Set up the proper paths so SmarterMail knows where to store configuration and mailbox information.

Once the Getting Started Wizard completes, you'll have a fully-functioning, and powerful, email server. You can begin adding in your domains and running one of the most fully-featured email servers on the market.

Please refer to the KB article How To Install SmarterMail for step-by-step installation instructions. You may also want to review the KB article on how to Activate SmarterMail.