SmarterMail Help

Impersonate User

There are times when a System Administrator will need to access domain or user specific information. SmarterMail uses impersonation to accomplish this goal, causing a separate window to login automatically as a Domain Administrator or a user. This can be a useful method to examine settings or diagnose a problem directly.

To impersonate a user or Domain Administrator, log into SmarterMail as a System Administrator and click on the Impersonate button on the right side of the page. A modal window will display asking for the email address that you would like to impersonate. Clicking Impersonate will open a new tab in which you will be impersonating the user or Domain Admin. From there, you may edit user/domain settings, content filters, or whatever other part of the account that needs to be changed or reviewed. Closing the tab will end the impersonation.

Alternatively, you can impersonate a Domain Administrator in order to manage a domain directly by clicking on the Manage button in the navigation pane. Then click on a domain to open its configuration settings and click on the Manage button. When managing a domain / impersonating a Domain Administrator, an Impersonate button will also be available within a User's configuration settings.

Note: Only the primary System Administrator has impersonation privileges by default. If you are logged in as a secondary System Administrator and do not see the Impersonate button on the right side of the screen or the Manage button when viewing a domain, then impersonation privileges have not been enabled for your account. Please contact your primary System Administrator to request to have "Allow impersonation and domain management" enabled for your account.