SmarterMail Help

System Messages

SmarterMail sends a variety of automated email messages for certain actions within SmarterMail. For example, system messages are sent to users when their password has expired or is in violation. Administrators can modify certain messages sent out from the server to make them match a company’s voice and style, add extra information or add a standard From address.

To access this section, log into SmarterMail as a System Administrator and click on System Messages in the navigation pane.

Click on a message's row to edit the text. The following settings will be available:

  • Subject - The subject of the email.
  • Message Body - The message body of the email.
  • From Address - By default, system messages send from “System Administrator” without a From address. Administrators can add a From address to allow users to respond to system messages or to decrease the likelihood a message will be caught by spam filters.
  • Display Name - The friendly name or description of the sender that will appear in conjunction with the From address (if included) in the From field of the email.