SmarterMail Help

Editing Calendar Details

SmarterMail's powerful calendaring feature gives users the ability to use a single calendar for their own events and appointments, PLUS the ability to share their calendars with others or even map the calendars of others so that those events and appointments can be seen in one, singular interface. Having access to all of those calendars, and all of those appointments and events, can be somewhat tedious, unless you have a way of keeping them separated in your calendar view. That's were the ability to edit a calendar source comes in handy.

Each calendar you have access to is editable. That means you can modify the color scheme for appointments in that calendar, modfiy the name of the calendar and more. To edit a calendar source, simply click on the calendar name. When you do, the following modal will open:

Editing a Calendar Source

As you can see, there are a few options available for editing the calendar source:

  • Display Name - This is how you want the calendar to display in the Calendar Source view. A calendar that you've mapped will generally have a default name, like "My Calendar on JSmith" or something similar. However, you can modify the name to whatever you like.
  • Color - This is the background color used for appointments and events created on that calendar. It's a good idea to have different colors set for each, individual calendar you have so that you can easily distinguish between the events and the calendars those events belong to. You can either enter the color code you want to use (e.g., #FBE83) or click on the color selector and choose a color.
  • Default calendar for new appointments - By default, the calendar that's created for your user account -- generally called "My Calendar" -- is the default selection for any new appointments and events that you create. However, if you've created any additional calendars, you can toggle this option to choose the calendar you want to use as your default for new appointments.

As you can see in the screen capture, there are a few options that appear in the editing modal that are displayed, but not editable. These include your Username, which is the username for your particular email account, and the Access that's been granted to you for that calendar. For more information on the different types of access available, head over to the Sharing and Collaboration section of Help.