SmarterMail Help

Creating New Contacts

There are several ways to add new contacts to SmarterMail, depending on whether you want to add a contact from an email message, import contacts from another provider or add a contact by manually typing the name and other information directly in SmarterMail.

To add a contact from an incoming email message, simply view the desired message. SmarterMail includes "touch and go" functionality that highlights all email addresses in the header of the message. By clicking on a highlighted address, a small window opens with three options: Email, Add Contact and Block Sender. Click the Add Contact link and a new contact window opens up. SmarterMail will automatically complete the display name and email address fields, then you can enter additional details and save the contact.

To add a contact by typing the name and other information directly in SmarterMail, open up your Contacts and click the New button. This will open a new contact window that you will use to add the contact to SmarterMail.

For information on adding new contacts by importing contacts from another email service, see Importing and Exporting Contacts.

Saving Contact Details

When you add a new contact to SmarterMail, you can save as many or as few details about the person as you like. In general, contact details are separated using various cards. These include:

  • Personal Info - These are the "personal" details of your contact, including their display name, title (Mr., Mrs., etc.), first name, middle name, last name, their personal website (or "home page"), and birthday. You can also add a photo, avatar or icon for your contact by simply clicking on the grey circle next to the contact's Display Name. This picture is available within the webmail interface and for anyone using CardDAV or the EAS add-on to sync their contacts with email clients and/or mobile devices. Unfortunately, pictures will not sync for customers using Add to Outlook for synchronization. Note: The Display Name is the only required field to save a contact.
  • Phone Numbers - You can add one or more phone numbers associated with your contact, like their home phone, mobile number, etc.
  • Email Addresses - Just as with phone numbers, you can add one or more email addresses for your contact. If a contact has more than one email address, you can select which address to send to when typing the contact's name in the TO: field for a new message.
  • Home Address - The contact's home address.
  • Work Address - The contact's place of work, including their work Title (CEO, Marketing Director, etc.), should they have one, their company's website address, etc.
  • Categories - Categories are a great way to organize your contacts. Using categories, you can organize business, personal or any other type of contact into tidy circles, keeping people separated based on whatever criteria you want. Contacts can be in multiple categories or none: It's up to you. Note: Categories are only a way to organize contacts. They are NOT ways to send emails to a group of individuals. For that you would want to create an Alias or use SmarterMail's Mailing List feature.