SmarterMail Help

Creating New Notes

Starting a new note is extremely easy: simply click the New button in the All Notes view. Once you do this, you'll be able to start entering your note details. These include:

Subject - This is the simple name for the note, like "Shopping List" or "Meeting Notes".

Description - This is where you enter the actual note contents. The note description area is fully HTML compliant with a rich editor so it's possible to stylize your note contents with different fonts and colors, links to outside resources, embedded videos, etc.

Note Details and Categories

When you add a new note in SmarterMail, you can save as much or as few details about the note as you like. In general, these details are divided into two sections:

  • Details - Select the note Source -- either My Notes or, if you're sharing notes with others, you can save your notes there. Note colors are a great way to keep notes of a specific type neatly organized. As a side note, the colors available match the colors of traditional paper sticky notes. Note: The color and text of the note are the only required fields to save a note.
  • Categories - A category provides a way to organize your notes into manageable groups. To add a category to a note, simply move the toggle next to the category you want to apply. To create a new Category, use the Cog at the top of the Notes view.