SmarterMail Help

Linking Email to Tasks

Email exchanges can often result in the need to create one or more tasks. For example, an email exchange with a vendor may require updates to price sheets or shipping requirements. Perhaps an email from a significant other mentions an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Because of this, SmarterMail includes the ability to create a new task right from within an email message. This is called "linking" an email message to a task.

There are a couple of ways to add tasks to a message:

  • First, you can open and view the desired message. From the Message view, click the Actions menu and then select Add Task.
  • Another way is to select the message in the All Messages view, then right click on the message and select "Add Task" from the context menu.

Regardless of which methond you choose, a new task window will open where you create the actual task. Once the new task has been saved, a tasks card will display at the bottom of the message. Clicking on this card will allow you to see the task that is linked to the message. You can also go to the Tasks Section of SmarterMail to view all tasks.

Finding Messages with Linked Tasks

To quickly view all messages that are linked to tasks, expand the Sorting menu in the All Messages view and select Linked to Tasks. Your messages will sort, placing the messages that are linked to tasks at the top of the list.