SmarterMail Help


The Event system in SmarterMail is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool that allows users to automatically perform actions based on specific criteria and remain up-to-date with what is going on with the SmarterMail server. SmarterMail can detect events as they occur, generate messages for those events, and deliver the messages to users that need the information. For example, users can automatically add an additional recepient on messages they send or receive notifications when a task is due or their user disk space has met a certain threshold.

To create or view your account events, log into SmarterMail and use the Menu icon to navigate to the Settings section. Then click on Events in the navigation pane. To create a new event, click New. The following options will be available:


  • Event Name - The friendly name of the event.
  • Event Status - New events default to a status of Enabled. However, to temporarily stop an event from triggering, you can change the status to Disabled.
  • Event Category - The feature to which the event pertains: Email, User or Collaboration.
  • Event Type - The occurence that triggers the event. Each category has several specific event types that can trigger the action.
  • User - The user that the event applies to.


Each event type has its own corresponding conditions. The global conditions that are seen across all event types are listed below. Multiple Conditions can be used when creating a given Event. Conditions are checked in order, from top to bottom, before the Action(s) is/are performed.

  • Time of Day - The time frame during which the event occurs.
  • Day of Week - The day(s) of the week during which the event occurs.


Each event type has its own corresponding actions. The global actions that are seen across all event types are listed below. Multiple Actions can be assigned to a given Event. Actions are performed in order, from top to bottom.

  • Send a notification - This option will send a notification to the Notifications window. It can also send a popup browser notification and an email.
  • Send an email - This option will send an email to the specified address.
  • Command Line Action - This option will fire an command line action.