SmarterMail Help


An autoresponder is a prewritten reply that is automatically sent when an email message is received. These are commonly used to notify senders of a change in contact information or that the recipient is out of the office or on vacation. For example, a standard autoresponder message could be: "I will be out of the office from June 1 to June 15. I will respond to your message upon my return to the office on June 16. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Jane Doe at"

To set up an autoresponder, log in to SmarterMail and click on the Settings icon. Then click on Autoresponder in the navigation pane. The following items will be available:

Note: If Autoresponder is not displayed in the navigation pane, the system administrator of the installation must enable Autoresponders in the Antispam settings using the Options card > Autoresponders setting.

Compose Box

  • Subject - The words or phrase that will appear in the subject of the autoresponder message (e.g. Out of Office).
  • Message Body - The message that will be automatically sent in reply to email messages. SmarterMail allows users to create HTML formatted autoresponders that can include stylized text, links, images and more.

Domain Policy

System Administrators can enforce a domain-wide autoresponder exclusion in order to prevent SmarterMail from sending autoresponder replies to spam messages. The autoresponder policy configured for your domain will be displayed here.


  • Enable Autoresponder - Toggle the slider to the right to turn the autoresponder on.
  • Disable responses to indirect mail - By enabling this setting, the autoresponder will only be triggered by email sent directly to you. Any email you receive through a mailing list, forward, or an alias will not trigger the autoresponder.
  • Limit responses to once daily - Toggle the slider to the right to ensure an email address only receives the autoresponder message once per day, even if they send you multiple messages. If you disable this option, every email you receive will trigger your autoresponder message. It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep this option turned on to avoid the potential of your email address, your domain or even potentially your entire mail server from becoming blacklisted by an ISP.
  • Only send between certain dates - Toggle the slider to the right to specify the date range that your autoresponder will be active. Then set the specified start and end dates and times. This option is particulary helpful for planned absences, like a vacation or extended holiday.