SmarterMail Help

Sharing Resources: Contacts, Tasks, Calendars, Notes and Email Folders

This feature is only available in SmarterMail Enterprise.

SmarterMail gives users the ability to share a number of things with other people within their organization. Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and even email folders are all able to be shared between users, making collaboration with your co-workers simple.

The steps take to share items works essentially the same, regardless of what you want to share. That means that sharing notes, tasks, calendars or contacts is handled the same way. So, for the purposes of this help document, we'll look at sharing "My Notes", which is how you'd share YOUR notes with someone else within your organization.

Sharing My Notes (or anything else)

Sharing a resouce is pretty straight forward. First, you need to open the source you want to share. Since we're sharing My Notes, click on the Notes icon and then open the details for My Notes by selecting it. When the modal appears, you'll first see the Details for My Notes, which includes its Friendly Name and details about ownership. However, since we're interested in sharing this with someone else, you'll want to move to the Sharing tab.

The Sharing tab is where you'll enter the username of the person, or persons, you want to share My Notes with, as well as set the permissions level for each of them. The Sharing tab looks like this:

SmarterMail Sharing Settings

The fields that need to be set are as follows:

  • Share with other users - This needs to be enabled in order to share the resource with other users.
  • User - This is where you add the user, or users, you want to share the resource with. SmarterMail uses "intellisense" so all you have to do is type the username of the person you want to share with, and then select that username from the intellisense results.
  • Access - This is the permission level you're granting to the user you're sharing with. Access levels include:
    • None - This access level acts as a "negater". For example, let's say you have a user group set up for your Marketing Department. However, you don't want to share My Notes with Henry because he ate your piece of cherry pie last week. When you add Full Control access to the Marketing Department user group, you'd add Henry's username under Users and set his access to "None". That way, you're sharing My Notes with everyone in Marketing BUT Henry.
    • Read-Only - This shares My Notes but doesn't allow the person, or persons, you're sharing with to add, edit or delete any of your notes. All they can do is view them.
    • Full Control - This access allows others to add notes or edit and/or delete any of your notes. Basically, they use My Notes...or YOUR Notes...just as if they were their own.

As mentioned, while the above is using My Notes, the process for sharing contacts, calendars, tasks and even email folders is essentially the same: you select the item you want to share, add the users and/or user groups you want to share to, and set the Access permissions for each. Once you've saved your settings, the people you've shared with will be able to map those items to their users. For more information, see Attaching a Shared Resource.