SmarterMail 10.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

View Logs

System administrators can use this section to quickly view the server's log files. Viewing a server's log files, especially when it's possible to narrow down the type of server action or protocol that is being viewed, allows system administrators to look for any specific errors that could cause reliablity issues on the server or narrow down reasons why a specific behavior is being seen. To view logs, click the manage icon and click View Logs in the navigation pane. The following options will be available in the content pane:

  • Date - The date of the log files you want to view.
  • Type - Select the type of log file (or the delivery method of the files) that you would like to view.
  • Search String - Type the words or phrases to that should be contained in the log files.
  • Enable related traffic - Select this option to only display data that occurred within the same sesion.

To search for a specific log, complete the Date, Type, and Search String fields. Then click Search in the content pane. Any matching log files will display in the content pane. Note: SmarterMail will show logs files up to 1MB.

Alternatively, system administrators can download the log file by clicking Download in the content pane toolbar. This page allows administrators to get quick access to a domains log files. Administrators can view log files by utilizing this page, or they can download the selected log file as a .zip file by clicking Download in the content pane toolbar.