SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Frequently Asked Questions - System Admins


What role does the SmarterMail Web Interface play?
The Web Interface is a powerful tool that is easy to install and configure. The Web Interface is a dynamic web site that is created after installation on any one server in your network, and is accessible from any browser locally or from the Internet. It allows the creation of Internet accounts so up to an unlimited amount of users can log in and view email for any domain.

How do I create custom skins?
Refer to the Skinning Guide topic, which can be found under the "Additional Admin Topics" section of the System Administrator help.


Can the Web Interface run on the same server as a stats server, or any other type of software?
Yes. SmarterMail Professional Edition can run in combination with any other products. A common configuration for a startup hosting company is a multi-purpose machine for stats, mail, web server, etc. Optimize a server delegating large amounts of email traffic by dedicating it solely for email.


My pages won't load in to my browser, it just tries to download the pages. Why?
Chances are the .NET framework was installed prior to installing IIS. When you install IIS first, then install the .NET framework, all proper mappings for .aspx, .asmx, etc. pages are made. However, this does not happen if you install the .NET framework prior to installing IIS. If this is the case, there are three ways re-map .NET v1.1 to fix it:

  1. Manually re-map .NET version 1.1 (choose one):
    • Go to Start -> Run -> and type "".
    • At the command prompt, type "aspnet_regiis - i" (less the quotation marks).
    • This command will configure all applications to have the proper .NET extensions within IIS.
    • Type "exit" (less the quotation marks) to exit the command prompt.
  2. From "add remove programs" in the "control panel", uninstall .NET v1.1, then reinstall with Windows Update.
  3. From "add remove programs" in the "control panel", uninstall SmarterMail, then reinstall.

Email messages are not getting sent, could this be a problem with SMTP?
The SmarterMail Service could be conflicting with the IIS Virtual SMTP. To disable IIS Virtual SMTP:

  1. Open the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Internet Information Services.
  2. Open the "Web Sites" tree.
  3. Look for IIS Virtual SMTP, if it exists, right click on it and select disable.

I am unable to activate SmarterMail, what do I do?
If you are unable to activate once SmarterMail is installed, you need to contact our support department. Click here for our contact information.