SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Managing Domains

A single, centralized page lets you do most of the management of your domains. Arrive at this screen by choosing Manage Domains from the Manage menu. The parts of this multi-use screen are described in detail below.

Common Tasks

Add Domain - Click on Add Domain to begin the Add Domain Wizard. Clicking on this button is identical to choosing New Domain from the Manage menu at the top of the page. more info

Edit Domain - Click on the Edit Domain option from a domain's actions menu to edit the domain on that row. more info

Login to a Domain - Clicking on the name of a domain will pop up a new window logged in to SmarterMail as if you are the domain administrator. This is useful for manipulating content filters or other domain-specific settings. more info

Delete a Domain - Click on the delete link next to a domain to permanently delete it. A confirmation dialog will appear to ensure that a domain does not get accidentally deleted. Please note that once a domain is deleted, the process cannot be reversed.

Actions Pop-up Menu

When you click on the actions link next to a domain, a pop-up menu will appear with various operations that can be performed for that specific domain. Below, you will find an explanation of each of these menu items. For many of these actions, you will be logged in as the domain administrator in a new window in order to complete them.

Edit Domain - Clicking on this option takes you to the domain setup page for the domain, allowing you to set options like ports and permissions. more info

Email Users - This choice lets you manage users in the domain. more info

Email Accounts - This choice lets you manage aliases that map to email accounts in the domain. more info

Mailing Lists - Administrate mailing lists for the domain with this item. more info

Reload Domain - If there are any changes made to a domain outside of SmarterMail, reload the domain by clicking on this item

Rename Domain - This is the recommended method to rename a domain in SmarterMail. more info

Archive Messages - Archiving allows you to save all inbound and outbound messages for the domain for later retrieval. more info

Domain Aliases - Manage the domain aliases with this item. more info

Domain Spam Filtering - Click on this item to change the spam filtering options for the domain.

Domain Content Filtering - Clicking here will allow you to manipulate the domain level content filters for the domain.

Domain Disk Space - Use this option to show the disk space report for the domain, which lists the users with the most disk space usage. more info