SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

My Calendar

To get started working with your calendar, click on the Calendars tree in the sidebar, and choose My Calendar. There are three primary views of calendars in SmarterMail: Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. These views are very similar, but have a few differences, which are noted below.

Monthly View - The monthly view shows a complete months' worth of appointments. It is meant more as an at-a-glance type of calendar that outlines a general idea of the upcoming events you have.

Weekly View - This view is intended as more of an agenda-type view, showing all appointments that occur during a specific week.

Daily View - The daily view is a planner-type view that shows all events during a day and also visually indicates when events overlap each other.

Calendar Controls

The right side of the page shows you both the current month and next month, and indicates days where events are scheduled with bold font in a different color. A legend below the calendars shows what different colors and effects mean.

Changing the month or year on the right calendar will not affect the calendar on the left. This is intended so you can look through a month (and the month after it) without affecting your currently selected timeframe.

Clicking on the double arrow next to the day indicators in the calendar will make the displayed month the currently selected month and put the calendar into the Monthly view.

Selecting the single arrow next to a week will select that week and change the display to the weekly view.

Clicking on a day in the calendar will make that day the selection and change to daily view.

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily View

The calendar view in the center of the page will change depending upon your date selection, as indicated above. These different views show data differently, but operate in the same manner.

Prev and Next - Click these buttons to quickly select the next month, week, or day (depending on your current view mode).

Adding an Appointment - Click on the New Appointment button to start a new appointment. For more information, please refer to the help topic Adding an Appointment.

Editing an Appointment - Click on an appointment to edit its content.

Deleting an Appointment - To delete an appointment, click on it, then click on the Delete button.

Add to Outlook (Enterprise Edition Only) - Click this button to attach to this calendar from within Microsoft Outlook. For more information, please see Integration with Outlook.

Sharing (Enterprise Edition Only) - Sharing is a feature that is available only with Enterprise Edition of SmarterMail, and allows you to share your calendar with another user on your domain. It is described in further detail in the topic Sharing Your Own Resources.