SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

My Spam Filtering

SmarterMail includes many advanced Anti-Spam measures that will help keep your inbox free of unwanted junk mail. Your domain administrator has probably already set up some basic spam options. To customize the way junk e-mail is processed for your account, go to Settings -> My Spam Filtering.


Use default spam settings - Choose this option to accept the default spam options provided by your domain administrator. The settings will be displayed on the Actions tab for easy reference.

Override spam settings for this account - Select this option to customize the way spam is handled, and to override the settings created by the domain administrator. More information about the types of actions allowed can be found below.


If you are using the default spam options that were set up by your administrator, they will appear on this tab.

In the case that you have chosen to override the settings, the following possible actions appear for each spam probability.

  • No action
  • Delete message
  • Move to Junk E-Mail folder
  • Add text to subject line

Trusted Senders

Email addresses (ex: or domain names (ex: can be added to your list of trusted senders. When email comes in from a trusted sender, all spam filtering for that email is bypassed. Enter one email address or domain name per line. Normal content filtering rules are still followed, however.

Any emails that you "unmark as spam" will add the sender to your trusted senders list automatically.