SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Sharing Your Own Resources

This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only

Sharing a resource, such as a calendar or e-mail folder, will allow the users you specify to access the resource with a pre-determined permission level.

To share a resource (in this example your calendar), follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to My Calendar (or the resource you wish to share).
  2. Click on the Sharing button.
  3. Add a user or group to the list, or click on an existing one to modify it.
    • User - A user is a single person on your domain.
    • Group - A group is a set of users that fall under a similar department, permission level, or role. Your domain administrator can add and modify these user groups.
  4. Choose an access level:
    • None - This resource is not shared with the user. This setting is useful if you give permissions to a group but want a specific user to be denied permission.
    • Availability-Only (Calendars only) - This setting is used to show availability for you if the user clicks on the availability link when adding a calendar item. Other than this functionality, the calendar acts as if it is not shared.
    • Read-Only - Grants view access to the resource, which lets the other user see your information, without granting any permission to change or modify the resource in any way.
    • Full Control - The user that has this permission can do everything on the resource that you can, including moving items, changing things, and even deleting information.
  5. Save the user or group and repeat the process as needed. More than one user can be added at a time by putting each username on a separate line.

Note: The steps are very similar for each of the resource types. Just make sure you are viewing the resource you want to share when you click on the Sharing button.

Once you have shared the resource, the other users can connect to it by using the procedures in the help topic Opening Shared Resources.