SmarterMail 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

What's new in SmarterMail 4.x?

SmarterMail 4.x adds many new features over previous versions of SmarterMail. These changes are listed below.

Major New Features

  • Developed using the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework, allowing for faster and more efficient operation on your server.
  • Anti-Spam Enhancements:
    • Greylisting support reduces the amount of spam that enters your infrastructure by up to 98%.
    • Integrated SpamAssassin support including the ability to integrate with SpamAssassin server clusters to distribute load.
    • Introduction of spam checking and blocking on outgoing messages to prevent your server from being blacklisted by major ISPs.
    • Ability to add spam weight to a message based on content in the header of an email, for use with external anti-spam systems.
  • A real-time performance dashboard allows you to monitor the health of your web server.
  • The introduction of historical reporting on over 20 items including:
    • Resource Usage
    • Spool Count
    • Spam Messages
  • Scheduled email reports that can be sent to domain and server administrators.
  • Smart Gateways to allow servers to balance load more effectively.
  • ClamAV anti-virus support right out of the box
  • New release of SmarterMailSync for Outlook which includes synchronization of shared resources.
  • Pop Retrieval to allow users to grab email from various external POP accounts(e.g. LiveMail, Yahoo!, etc.) and pull them into their SmarterMail account.
  • Performance enhancements to basic spooling which significantly reduces disk IO time.
  • Support for IMAP IDLE (Added in version 4.2)
  • SSL/TLS connections for SMTP, POP, and IMAP (Added in version 4.2)
  • Numerous general enhancements to help get SmarterMail up and running more quickly.

Webmail Enhancements

  • The webmail and system administrator interfaces have been redesigned with speed and usability in mind.
  • New webmail features include:
    • Preview pane
    • Lower bandwith component controls
    • Auto-complete
    • Intuitive welcome page
  • Multiple skins are included out of the box and custom skinning can be easily achieved using .Net 2.0 features such as themes and master pages.
  • Skins can be changed at the system, domain, or even user level with options to disallow overrides.
  • Support for notes and shared notes.
  • Better spell check support with over 20 languages available.