SmarterMail 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.


What is SpamAssassin and how does it work?

SpamAssassin is a powerful, free mail filter used to identify spam. It utilizes a wide array of tools to identify and report spam. These include:

  • Header and text analysis
  • Bayesian filtering
  • DNS blocklists
  • Collaborative filtering databases

When should you use SpamAssassin?

You should use SpamAssassin when you care about limiting spam from getting to your mailbox but cannot afford a high priced spam solution.

How do I set up SpamAssassin?

SmarterMail includes a Windows version of SpamAssassin out of the box. By default, SmarterMail will run a version of SpamAssassin on port 783. The System Administrator can enable and disable SpamAssassin through the Anti-Spam Administration link in the Security menu. The Windows Version of SpamAssassin is limited to about 40,000 messages per day, if you anticipate more than this then please check out our Add SpamAssassin Servers page.