SmarterMail 5.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

List Settings

The list settings for a mailing list contain the information that establishes how the list functions. Information about the items on this page can be found below.

To get started, click the Settings button on the main toolbar, then select Mailing Lists in the Domain Settings tree view. To add a new mailing list, click the New icon on the actions toolbar.

List Settings

List name - This is the name of the list and the email address to which and from which emails will be sent.

Moderator - This is the "owner" of the list. The moderator must be a user in your domain.

Password - Posting on a list can also be restricted by requiring a password. To post to a list that is password protected you must send the password in the subject enclosed by brackets and colons (e.g. Subject: [:password:] Attention all subscribers).

Allowed Posters - An email that is sent to the list, and therefore re-sent to the list subscribers, is considered to be "posted". In this field you can determine who has access to post to the list. In addition to the selected post option, you can enable the posters list, which can further permit or deny users.

  • Anyone - Setting the list to "anyone" means that when anyone, regardless of whether they are subscribed to the list or not, sends an email to the list, it will be sent out to all members. This setting can cause abuse if it is not closely monitored.
  • Subscribers Only - Setting the list to "subscribers only" allows the list subscribers, and only the list subscribers, to send and receive posts. The moderator will still be permitted to post.
  • Moderators Only - If the moderator is set as the post option, only the moderator will be able to post to the list. This means that no one else, not even list subscribers, will be able to post.

Subject prefix - All list posts will get this text put on the subject line before the actual subject. It is recommended most for discussion lists, so that people can filter posts more easily. You can choose to enable this field by clicking the box.

Max message size - The maximum permitted size of a message (in kilobytes). If the message exceeds this size, it will not be posted. If you do not wish to set a size limit, enter 0 (zero). (Default is 200)

Max recipients / message - This setting is used to set the number of recipients per message that will be sent. For example, if there were 500 subscribers to a list, and the max recipients value was 100, 5 emails would be sent (each with 100 recipients). Changing this setting can affect the load on the server.

Disable Mailing List - Check this box to disable the mailing list.

Description - For ease in identification, you may add a description to the list.


Enable digest mode - This enables digest mode. When using digest, the server stores all posts to the list in a set folder. When the 'trigger' is set off, all accumulated posts are sent out as a single message. For more information about digest mode, see the topic Digest Overview.

Enable Replies to list - When this option is checked, replies from a subscriber go to the list. If this option is off, the reply goes to the person who posted the original message on the list.

Enable header - When enabled, the header you define in Header will be placed at the top of each email.

Enable footer - When enabled, the footer you define in Footer will be placed at the bottom of each email.

Send Subscribe Email - Check this option to send an email in response to new subscriptions performed through list serv commands.

Send Unsubscribe Email - Check this option to send an email in response to unsubscribe requests performed through list serv commands.

Enable poster whitelist - Anyone added to the Poster Whitelist will be able to post if this option is enabled. The Poster Blacklist is always enabled.

Enable SUBSCRIBE command - This enables the subscribe command that allows people to subscribe to the list by sending the command to the list command address. Leave this box unchecked if you wish to have control over your list subscribers, and then only list administrators will be able to modify the subscribers. The use of this command is detailed in the topic List Serv Commands.

Enable LIST command - This option enables the ability for a user to send an email to the list command address and receive a reply of all list users. The use of this command is detailed in the topic List Serv Commands. Note: It is recommended that you leave this option disabled, as people or automated systems could use the user list for malicious purposes.

Allow unsubscribe from subject - Enabling this option will allow a subscriber to unsubscribe from your list by replying to the list with unsubscribe in the subject line. It is recommended that you usually keep this option enabled, as it will reduce complaints of abuse, as subscribers can quickly opt-out of the list.

Headers and Footers

Headers and footers can be added to each post made to the list. This can be useful for introducing your mailing list, showing contact information, or providing removal instructions. Headers are placed at the top of posts, and footers are placed at the bottom of posts.

To edit a list's header or footer, choose the Header or Footer item from the actions pop-up menu on the Mailing Lists page. You will also need to enable the header or footer on the List Settings tab.

Note: The Header and Footer are not added for digest mode subscribers. To modify those, see the topic Digest Settings.

Subscribe Email

Insert the contents of the email that you would like sent in response to new subscriptions performed through list serv commands.


Throttling allows System Administrators to limit the number of messages and/or how much bandwidth a domain, user, or mailing list can use for sending email per hour.

Messages per Hour - Enable this and enter the number of messages a domain is allowed to send per hour. (Default is set at 5000)

Bandwidth per Hour - Enable this and enter the maximum size in MB a domain is allowed to send per hour. (Default is set at 100)