SmarterMail 5.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Managing Domains

A single, centralized page lets you do most of the management of your domains.

Arrive at this screen by clicking the Manage button on the main toolbar. The parts of this multi-use screen are described in detail below.

Common Tasks

New Domain Icon - Click the New Domain icon on the actions toolbar, or in the tree view on the left side to begin the New Domain Wizard. more info

Edit Icon - You can edit a domain three different ways—Using the Edit icon on the actions toolbar, right-clicking a selecting domain and selecting Edit from the drop down list, or double-clicking a selected domain. more info

Settings Icon - This will allow you to quickly make changes to certain fields, such as—Email Users, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists, Default User Settings, Spam Filtering, Content Filtering, Folder Auto-Clean, and Domain Aliases.

Delete Icon - You can delete a domain two different ways—Select a domain and then click the Delete icon on the actions toolbar or right-click on a selected domain and choose Delete from the drop down list. A confirmation dialog will appear to ensure that a domain does not get accidentally deleted. Please note that once a domain is deleted, the process cannot be reversed.

Impersonate Icon - This will allow System Admins to log in as a Domain Administrator or a user within their server.

Settings Icon list

Users - This choice lets you manage users in the domain.

Aliases - This choice lets you manage aliases that map to email accounts in the domain.

Mailing Lists - Administrate mailing lists for the domain with this item.

Default User Settings - This allows you to set the general settings for a domain.

Spam Filtering - Click on this item to change the spam filtering options for the domain.

Content Filtering - Clicking here will allow you to manipulate the domain level content filters for the domain.

Folder Auto-Clean - This will allow you to set the guidelines for the auto-clean feature at that Domain Administrator level.

Domain Aliases - Manage the domain aliases with this item.