SmarterMail 5.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Create a New Message

There are several ways to begin composing a new message in SmarterMail. The most common method is to click on New Message in the sidebar. The only field that is absolutely required to send an email is the To address.

Action Buttons

Send - Sends your message out to the recipients.

Save as Draft - Saves the message in its current state to the Drafts folder. If you do not have a Drafts folder, one will be created automatically the first time you choose this option. You will then be able to go back to your Drafts folder and continue composing this email.

Cancel - Cancels the new message and returns you to where you came from. Clicking the Cancel icon will delete the draft you were working even if you have not clicked the Save as Draft icon.


Options - Click on this tab to request a read receipt and/or declare what the importance level of this message is—Normal, Low, or High. Normal is the default level chosen.

Attachments - Click on this tab to add attachments to your email. Remember to hit Upload once you have found the file what you want to attach. Please bear in mind that there are limits to the size of attachments imposed by many email systems on the internet today.

Message Envelope Items

To - Enter a recipient's email address, or click on the "To:" link to select a recipient from your contact list. Separate multiple contacts with a semicolon (;).

Enterprise Edition Only: You can also add members of your Global Address List to an email by clicking on the "To:" link and changing the list source from My Contacts to Global Address List.

Cc - The Cc field should contain recipients that should receive "carbon copies" of the message, but are not the primary intended recipients of the message.

Bcc - Bcc represents people who should receive "blind carbon copies" of the email, addresses that are not the primary intended recipients of the message where but nobody else can see that they received it.

Note: When entering addresses into the "To:", "Cc:", and "Bcc:" fields, SmarterMail will auto-complete addresses when possible by referencing your contacts list or the Global Address List (GAL)if applicable.

Subject - Enter the primary subject of the message.

Compose Area

Depending on your browser and your configuration settings, you may see an HTML editor or a text-only editor. Enter the content of your email in the box.