SmarterMail 5.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Email Overview

SmarterMail has many features that allow you to access your email in an easy fashion. The topics in the help will assist you to understand how to use the most common features in SmarterMail.

When you log in, you will initially be taken to your Inbox or Welcome Page. To view the contents of another folder, click on the folder name in the sidebar. This page allows you to manage your mail in many ways.

Working with Email

View a Message - Click on a message in order to view it in the preview pane. Double clicking will take you to the Read Message page.

Sorting Messages - Clicking on a column header will sort the messages by that field. Click again, and it will sort the other way. For example, clicking on the Size column header will sort items in order of size. Click the header again, and the sort will go in the opposite direction.

Columns - The following information is shown in the columns on this page (columns may vary for some special folders, like Drafts or Sent Items)

  • Check Box - Check the boxes next to messages you wish to perform actions on. Any items checked will be included in actions that you choose, such as Mark, Move, or Delete. Clicking on the check box in the header will select all / none of the items.
  • Status Icons - The four status icons inform the user of what actions have been taken for each message in their inbox. The icons as are as follows: the yellow envelope indicates an unread message, the open envelope means the message has been read, the envelope with a blue arrow indicates a reply, while the envelope with a red arrow indicates a forward.
  • Date - The date the email was received into the mail system. For items received in the past week the time received will also be shown. If just a time is shown then the message was received today.
  • Size - The size of the email, in kilobytes.
  • Attachment Icon - If the message(s) has an attachment, a paper clip icon will show up next to the size.

Navigating Pages

Use the navigation area below the list of messages to browse through multiple pages of email. The page number in the shadow box is the current page you are viewing. To view a different page, simply click on the page number you wish to view.

Disk Space Indicator

This indicator may appear if your administrator has specified limits on the amount of disk space that the email account can use. When you start to get close to your limit, it is recommended that you clean out any old messages that you no longer need, especially those in Junk E-Mail, Sent Items, or Deleted Items. Clicking the indicator will take you directly to the Disk Usage Summary Report.


There are four Icons across the top of the Inbox toolbar—Mark, Move, Delete, and Search. Depending on the folder you are in and the settings you have on your account, some actions in the list below may not be available. You must first select a message(s) by clicking on an individual message, or clicking multiple messages using the check boxes next to the envelope in the message display pane.

Mark - This icon is shown with a red flag and will enable you to perform 3 actions—Read, Unread, and Spam. You can perform this action two different ways.

  • Mark as Read - Will mark the checked emails as read and remove the Unread indicator next to them.
  • Mark as Unread - This option will mark all checked items as unread.
  • Mark / Unmark as Spam - In most folders, choosing the Mark as Spam option will delete the message, and add it to a list of spam messages for better spam protection later. This type of spam filtering, where you actually "teach" the mail server what you consider unwanted email, is known as "Bayesian Filtering". It is to your benefit to mark spam rather than just deleting it, because it helps you and others on your mail server avoid that type of mail in the future. If a message is marked as spam and it should not have been, select the checkbox next to it and choose Unmark as Spam when viewing it in the Junk E-Mail folder (if available). Remember when viewing Junk E-mail, the default view will be plain text in order to prevent the unwanted loading of images.
  • Mark as Not Spam - This will mark all checked emails as not being spam. It will automatically put that particular email address on the trusted senders list.

Note: Bayesian Filtering - A statistical method of spam detection, Bayesian filtering calculates the probability that certain words appearing in email are spam to identify emails that are likely spam.

Move - This is signified with a folder and a blue arrow and will enable you to move messages between all your folders. This action can be performed three different ways after you select the message(s) you would like to move.

  • Move your mouse over the Move icon from the actions toolbar. When you do that, all the available folders with appear in a drop down list. Choose the desired folder which you would like the message(s) sent to; or
  • Move your mouse over the selected message(s) and right-click. After you right-click, a drop down list will appear with 3 items, move your mouse over Move . When you do that, all your available folders will be shown in another drop down list, choose the desired folder; or
  • Click on the selected message(s), while holding down the left mouse button; pull your mouse to your file folders in the tree view. Move your mouse over the folder in which you would like to deposit your message(s), and let go of the left mouse button. As you are moving the mouse, a box will appear alerting you of 2 things. First, if it is a single message being moved it will show you the name of the message, but if you are moving multiple messages, the number of messages being moved will be shown. It will also have a red "X" or a green check mark. The "X" will be shown until your mouse is above a folder that can receive messages; at that time it will change to the check mark, letting you know it is ok to move messages to that particular folder.

Deleting a message - This is signified with a recycle bin and will allow you to perform 4 actions—Delete, Undelete, Purge Marked as Deleted, and Delete All Messages in Folder. This action can be performed three different ways after you select the message(s) you would like to move, or

  • Delete - Deletes the selected mail. The action taken when a message is deleted is dependant upon the option chosen in Settings. For more information see the topic Deleting Messages.
  • Undelete - If you have chosen in your settings to mark messages as deleted, rather than purging them, then you will be able to undelete any deleted items that still appear in your message list. Please note that you cannot undelete purged email.
  • Purge Marked as Deleted - This option permanently removes all messages that are marked as deleted. This option cannot be undone.
  • Delete All Messages in Folder - This option takes the same action as delete, except that it will perform the delete operation on every email in the folder, regardless of whether the message is checked or not. This option is most useful in folders like Junk E-Mail or Deleted Items.


Clicking on the search button will display the search bar which allows you to easily search through all of the messages in your Inbox or other folders. For more information on searching please see the Search Messages topic.