SmarterMail 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

User Activity

System Administrators have the ability to monitor the activity of all users on their server. Each user will be listed individually who is logged into the system. To get started with User Activity, click the Manage button from the main tool bar and then select Online Users from the User Activity tree view on the left side. They can monitor each user by the following variables:

Type - This will tell the System Admin whether they are connected with IMAP or Web mail.

IP Address - This will tell the IP Address of the user.

Start Date - This will tell the Start Date the user made the connection.

Duration - This will tell the total duration of the connection.

The System Administrator also have 3 actions he can perform from the actions tool bar&mdash: End Session, Disable User, and Search.

End Session - This will end the current session of any particular user.

Disable User - This will permanately disable the user from the system.

Search - This gives the System Admin the ability to search users on the system.

Inactive Users

System Administrators have the ability to search and find users who have been inactive from the system. To perform this search, click the Manage button from the main toolbar, and then select Inactive Users from the left tree view.

System Administrators have four options to choose from for the search&mdash: Inactive for 30 Days, Inactive for 90 Days, Inactive for 6 months, and Inactive for 12 months.