SmarterMail 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Create a New Appointment

There are two methods of adding a new appointment to a calendar:

  1. Click the Collaborate button on the main toolbar, then click the Calendar control bar in the left pane, and finally click New Appointment from the left tree view; or
  2. Click the Collaborate button on the main toolbar, then click the Calendar control bar, then select the calendar you want to view (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly), and finally click the Add Appointment icon from the actions toolbar.

For information about inviting attendees, please refer to the help topic Inviting Attendees.


The Appointment tab records the common information about the appointment. The available settings are explained below.

  • Subject - This is the short description of the appointment, and is what will appear on calendar pages and reminders.
  • Attendees - Enter the email addresses of the people who you want to have attend this event. You can click on the attendees link to pop up a window that lets you quickly add members of your contact list or Global Address List. You can also check your attendees' availability by clicking on the Availability link to the right of the box. (Enterprise Edition Only). Once you save your appointment, the attendees will receive an email invitation to the event. If they accept, you will receive a notification back. Additionally, if they accept from within SmarterMail, the event will get added to their calendar as an appointment.
  • Location - The physical location of the appointment. This field is optional.
  • Start Date and Time - Enter the start date of the event. If the event will go all day, check the "All Day Event" box. You may click the calendar and/or the clock to the right of the box to help with this.
  • End Date and Time - If the appointment does not have a scheduled end time, you may leave the end time blank.
  • Reminder - This will allow you to choose if you want to be notified with an email, and at what time before the event starts. For more information about reminders, please see the help topic Reminders.
  • Email Notification - Enter the email address that you would like notified of this appointment.

Note: Appointments will span multiple days and times if needed.

Recurrence Information

A recurring appointment is one that will happen again at some future date, and usually follows a pattern. A good example of a recurring event is a birthday. For more information about this, please refer to the help topic Recurring Events.


Enter the full description of the appointment, if needed.


You may select which category the event should belong to or uncheck them all to specify an event with no category. To add a new category click on the Master Categories button to bring up the categories popup You may add categories by either using a comma(,) to separate them or putting one category per line.