SmarterMail 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

SmarterMail Sync

This feature is only available in SmarterMail Enterprise edition.

SmarterMail Sync is a desktop utility developed by SmarterTools that allows you to quickly and easily synchronize your calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mobile devices.

SmarterMail Sync uses port 80 (HTTP) to connect to your SmarterMail server, then uses internal methods to synchronize your data with Outlook and Windows Mobile devices. In most cases, this process is completely automatic. If a conflict occurs, you will be asked how to handle the conflict.

Installing SmarterMail Sync

The latest versions of SmarterMail Sync is available from within the SmarterMail interface. To view the available versions of SmarterMail Sync, log in to your SmarterMail account and click Settings in the main toolbar. Then click the Settings navigation pane and click SmarterMail Client Utilities in the left tree view. Download and install the appropriate version(s) of the utility.

In general, the Outlook connector of SmarterMail Sync will add about 10 MB of memory usage to what Outlook uses on your computer without SmarterMail Sync.

Microsoft Outlook Synchronization

Before you can synchronize any SmarterMail mailboxes with Outlook using SmarterMail Sync, you will need to configure your account for synchronization. For more information, please refer to the KB article How To - Configure SmarterMail Accounts for Synchronization Using SmarterMail Sync.

For step-by-step instructions on synchronizing accounts using SmarterMail Sync, please refer to the KB article How To - Synchronize SmarterMail Accounts with Outlook Using SmarterMail Sync. In the course of synchronizing accounts, conflicts may occur. For example, if you update a contact in Outlook and in SmarterMail, the changes may conflict with one another. In this case, SmarterMail Sync will ask you how the conflict should be handled.