SmarterMail 8.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

User Groups

This feature is only available to domain administrators running SmarterMail Enterprise.

User groups are used to give permissions to specific subsets of users on the domain to access shared resources. For example, if a business wanted to make it easy for members of its sales department to share their calendars with other team members, the domain administrator would create a user group for all the sales department employees.

By default, there are permanent user groups that cannot be edited:

  • Everyone - All users on the domain belong to this group automatically.
  • Administrators - All users that are marked as domain administrators for this domain belong to this group.

To view the user groups for the domain, click the settings icon. Then expand the Domain Settings and Advanced Settings folders and click User Groups in the navigation pane. A list of user groups will load in the content pane and the following options will be available in the content pane toolbar:

  • New - Creates a new user group.
  • Edit - Edits the members of the selected user group.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected user group(s).