SmarterMail 8.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Creating New Contacts

There are several ways to add new contacts to SmarterMail, depending on whether you want to add a contact from an email message, import contacts from another provider, or add a contact by typing the name and other information directly in SmarterMail.

To add a contact from an incoming email message, view the desired message in the preview pane. Then click the From field in the header of the message. The sender's email address and a link to add the sender to your contacts list will display. Click the link to open a new contact window. SmarterMail will automatically complete the display name and email address fields, but you can enter additional details and save the contact.

To add a contact by typing the name and other information directly in SmarterMail, click New in the navigation pane toolbar and then click Contact. This will open a new contact window that you will use to add the contact to SmarterMail.

For information on adding new contacts by importing contacts from another email service, see Importing and Exporting Contacts.

Saving Contact Details

When you add a new contact to SmarterMail, you can save as much or as few details about the person as you like. In general, contact details are divided into five sections:

  • Personal Info - Type the contact's display name, title, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, email address, instant messenger, home page, and date of birth. Note: The display name is the only required field to save a contact.
  • Contact Info - Type the contact's home phone number, work phone number, mobile phone number, pager number, home and work fax numbers, and home address.
  • Work Info - Type the contact's company name, job title, department, office, work address, and website URL.
  • Additional Info - Type any additional details about the contact.
  • Categories - A category provides a way to organize your contacts into manageable groups. To add a category, simply click the Master Categories button and type the new category name. Note: Be sure to separate categories with a comma.