SmarterMail 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Server Status

This report will tell you the amount of memory currently being used on your server. System administrators may use this report to identify issues such as spool count spikes, thread count spikes, memory spikes etc. and troubleshoot ways to correct them. For example, if the average CPU spikes, the system administrator may want to check the spam check and indexing settings. If the average memory usage spikes, the system administrator may want to check indexing and greylisting settings and the max message size to content scan spam setting. Note: Not all reports are available for users and/or domains. Consult your system or domain administrator for report availability.

The following report items are available:

  • Avg. Active Connections - The average number of active connections made by SmarterMail.
  • Avg. CPU - The average CPU usage percentage for the SmarterMail process.
  • Avg. Memory - The average memory usage for the SmarterMail process.
  • Avg. Spool Count - The average number of messages in the spool.
  • Avg. Threads - The average number of threads used for the SmarterMail process.