SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

SmarterStats System Requirements

The overall requirements of SmarterStats are rather minimal as it will only use the resources you assign to it. In addition, SmarterStats components are optimized so that the only limitation in performance is in the quality of hardware used for the server(s).

One of the unique benefits of SmarterStats is the ability to manage the resources it consumes. This can be extremely beneficial as administrators may choose to give SmarterStats a low or high priority when compared to other applications running on the same server. Therefore, when looking at an installation of either the SmarterStats Web Interface or the Remote Service (in the case of Enterprise Edition), Network and System Administrators will need to take a few things into consideration: the size of the individual web sites that will be provisioned on the server in terms of monthly traffic, and the size of the log files generated for those sites. Obviously, the larger the site, and the larger the log files, the more resources SmarterStats will require to process and analyze the log files. SmarterStats is completely customizable for compatibility in any configuration.

The Web Interface runs as a simple website from its own web server or from an installation of IIS that is already on the server. It is actually advisable that SmarterStats run on a web server other than the one included in the installation as other web servers, such as IIS, are best suited for enterprise level applications.

The Web Interface is a .NET web application that can consume between 64MB worth of RAM in a medium configuration, and up to 256MB of RAM in a large configuration. As mentioned, however, the amount of resources used is dependent upon the number and size of the websites and log files that are installed and analyzed.

For Enterprise Edition, the Remote Service can be installed and run on any web server. Extremely large sites (i.e. more than 1,000,000 hits per day) with extremely large log files may require the service to use up more memory. Obviously, this should be taken into consideration when looking at a specific web server's hardware configuration.

Minimum software/OS requirements for both the Remote Service and the Web Interface are:

  • The Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework (with all applicable service packs and/or patches).
  • Windows Operating System:
    • Windows 2000 Server (SP2 recommended)
    • Windows 2003
    • Windows XP
  • IIS 5 or IIS 6 (or simply use the basic web server included in the SmarterStats installation)

Currently, SmarterStats Enterprise Edition supports these common log file types: W3C, IIS and NCSA.