SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Checking Import Progress

The Site Information area gives System Administrators information on the log files that have been processed by the SmarterStats application. Information given is the actual log file name, the last time stamp on the log file, and the number of rows that were processed in that log file.

  • Actions menu - This menu allows you to quickly perform some less common actions on the site. Full descriptions of each item can be found in a section below
  • Refresh - Click this button to refresh the page
  • Pause - Click on this button to pause the site. A paused site will still respond to queries, but will not process any new log files
  • Disable - Click on this button to disable the site. A disabled site will not process log files, and will not respond to queries, essentially shutting down stats for the site
  • Start - Click on this button to enable the site. This button will only appear if the site has been paused or disabled
  • Current State - This field shows the current state of the site
  • Currently - Displays the current action of the SmarterStats engine on the site
  • Status - Any errors that may have occurred will show in this field

Actions Menu

  • Run Diagnostics - Click on this menu item if you suspect one or more files may have gotten corrupted. SmarterStats will run an automated diagnostic of all files required for this site
  • Reprocess Site - This menu item will cause all log file data to be reprocessed, but not reimported.
  • Reimport Site - Choose this option to cause all log files associated with a particular domain to be reimported, from the earliest log file to the latest. This essentially deletes all SmarterLog files for the site and starts importing the site over again from the beginning
  • Move Site (Enterprise Edition Only) - This allows a site's statistics to be moved between servers that are supported by the SmarterStats Web Interface. This only moves the SmarterLogs, it does not move the physical site or its standard log files