SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

My Favorites

A favorite is a new feature of SmarterStats that allows you to save your most requested report items and settings into a simple list for quick recall. Using favorites can greatly reduce your time analyzing statistics, as you can quickly jump between report items that interest you.

In My Favorites, a user can create, edit or delete Favorites. Favorites can also be added using the Add to Favorites link when viewing a report item or when data mining.

Adding a Favorite

  1. Click on the Add Favorite button, or click on the name of an existing favorite to edit it
  2. Report Item - Choose the report item that you wish to add. Changing this option may refresh the page with different options. Note: Some of the items below may or may not appear depending on the report item you choose
  3. Name - Enter a friendly name for the favorite, if you wish
  4. Rows - Choose the number of rows that you wish to have appear
  5. Sort By - Choose the sort order of the data. Numerical values (like bandwidth, views, etc) will always be sorted in descending order when selected
  6. Date Range - Choose the date range you wish to have applied for this item.
  7. Chart - Choose the chart style you wish to use for the report. 3D charts will use the perspective setting chosen in My Settings
  8. Values - Choose the values that will be charted. If you have chosen Pie as the chart type, only the first value option will be used
  9. Filter Set - Choose the filter set you wish to have applied for this item.
  10. Click on the Save button