SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Page Time Taken

This report will show which pages need the most optimization for CPU usage on the server.

Highly accessed pages that are very fast may have a higher score because of the number of hits. In this way, the report shows you the key pages that will have the most impact if optimized.

For example, a page that is hit 10,000 times a day that takes 10ms to process causes much more load than a page that is hit 10 times that takes 1000ms to process.

To optimize your Time Taken on the page, optimize the code to reduce database calls, improve the page flow to reduce the work the server has to do, or implement caching.

Terms Used

Avg. Time Taken - This is the average time the server takes to process a file. This value is measured in milliseconds.

Hits - A hit represents a request to your web site for a file such as an image, a web page, or a CGI script. One web page may contain several related resources, and as a result, a visitor viewing one web page may trigger several hits. Hits generated as a result of an error (either a 400 or 500 level error) are not counted as actual hits to your site, and are kept separate from successful hits.

Score - This is the total for the column shown (e.g. bytes in, bytes out, or time taken) divided by the total for that column for all items multiplied by 10000. It is used to show what pages need the most optimization. Ex. (itemBytesIn/totalBytesin)*10000