SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Export Logs

This feature may not be available if an export directory was not set for your site during site creation.

This page will allow you to export your processed log files. The resulting file will be compressed and will contain daily logs conforming to the date range you specify.


  • This page may take a very long time to process depending on the amount of data in your site's log files. You are limited to selecting no more than 31 days per export. Logs can be exported in any log file format, regardless of the original web server that initially created the log files. This means that, even if your site is hosted on a Windows server running IIS, you will be able to export your log files in an Apache format. When you are done, you will have the opportunity to download your file.
  • Cookies are not maintained in SmarterLogs; if this information is needed by the end user, they will need to maintain a backup of the original log files. SmarterLogs does keep the first cookie used in a session, but does not keep the subsequent cookies.

To export your logs

  1. Select the Start Date, or the first date you want included in your exported logs.
  2. Select the End Date, or the last date you want included in your exported logs (this date can be no more than 30 days from your start date).
  3. Select log file format.
  4. Click on the Begin Export icon from the actions tool bar.
  5. After the export is completed, you will be presented with a link that will allow you to download the exported log files. The downloadable file will be in a compressed, or "zipped" format, so be sure you have the ability to uncompress the file.