SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Site Importing

SmarterStats gives you control over how your log files are processed. The Site Import Settings page allows you to configure options to adjust the time zone of your logs or ignore specific rows in the logs.

Note: Some changes to your settings may require a reprocessing of your log files. Keep in mind that this will cause your statistics to become unavailable while reprocessing occurs.

To get started, login as the Site Admin, then click the Settings button from the main tool bar, and then select Site Importing from the Site Settings folder in the left tree view.

Click the Re-Process icon from the actions tool bar to run through the SmarterLog files and recreate the statistic files. These are the files that the reports are run off of.


  • Time Zone - As log files are based off of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), you have the ability to reprocess the log files for your specific time zone. Choose your time zone from the list to have stats reported to you in that time zone.

Ignore Items

  • Query string items to ignore - If you have query string variables in your site that have near random values (page refresh randomizers, session IDs, etc), add the names of the query variables to the "Query String Items to Ignore" box, separated with commas. If you enable this option, the system will start ignoring the value of those variables when calculating page hits. The hits will still be registered, but without that variable. Please note that this option is a pre-filter, meaning that once you enable it, you cannot get the values of those variables back unless you still retain the original logs.
  • Enable removal of URL items after semicolon - Enable this setting if you site passes session variables in the URL separated with a semicolon.

Import Filtering

You can use this page to add various exclusions or inclusions to your stats data. These act as pre-filters and allow a sub-site to be created that ignores specific directories, host headers or hits from specific IP addresses. There is no limit as to the number of inclusions and exclusions you can add.

Unlike Filter Sets, exclusions and inclusions are processed before logs are analyzed, meaning that SmarterStats acts as if removed rows do not even exist in the logs. Filter sets simply hide the data from specific reports.

Click the Add Exclusion or Inclusion icon from the actions tool bar to begin.

Type - Select from the drop down list what you would like to include or exclude then populate the related field. Once completed, click the Save icon from the actions tool bar to save all changes.