SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.


End users with Site Admin permissions have the ability to add and delete additional end users for a particular site. End users can be a person, or persons, who require or request access to a particular site's statistics. Additional end users will be able to see all Reports and Report Items, and will have access to the options under the Settings menu. However, end users without Site Admin permissions will not be able to add other end users, nor will they be able to adjust particular stats settings.

To get started, login as the Site Admin, then click the Settings button from the main tool bar, and then select Users from the Site Settings folder in the left tree view.

To add a new user, click the New icon from the actions tool bar.


Username - Choose a username for the account. This username will be used when the user logs in to SmarterStats.

New Password - Enter the password you want to use for your account.

Confirm Password - To prevent data entry errors, please re-enter the password.

Enable as Administrator - Enable this to give the user access to all options under the Site Settings menu, like User Administration.

Report Settings

  1. Default Date Range - This is the default date range that will be selected when the user logs in.
  2. Default Rows - Choose the default number of rows to show in report item tables.
  3. Chart Viewpoint - Choose the viewpoint from which you want to view reports when using 3D charts:
    • Perspective - A flat frontal view of the data. This view is most useful when directly analyzing data from the chart.
    • Perspective Rotated - A more asthetically appealing 3D view of the chart (The default viewpoint).
    • Perspective Tilted - A more top-down 3D view of the chart.
  4. Enable Charts - Enable this to have all Report Item charts display for this user. It is checked by default. When this box is unchecked, all Report Items will display tables only, and no graphics.
  5. Enable Resolution of IP Addresses - Enable this to resolve all IP addresses that show up in reports to their host names. Enabling this feature will increase the amount of time it takes to render report items with IP addresses. Your system administrator may limit the number of resolutions performed per report item.
  6. Enable Auto-Generate Reports on Page Load - Enable this to have reports automatically generated each time you choose one from the menu. Enabling this option will make navigating through the site slower, but will reduce the amount of clicking you have to do to see reports.
  7. Enable Randomization of Chart Colors - Enable this to allow the system to use a semi-random color palette for charts. Each time the user refreshes a report, it may look different.