SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Activating SmarterStats

UPDATE: Activating an installation on this version requires manual activation. Please contact the SmarterTools Sales Department for assistance.

In order for SmarterStats to function for more than a single web site, the product must be activated. If you move SmarterStats to another server, you may have to re-activate the product in order for it to work. To get to the product activation wizard, go to the Settings area of the application and choose Activate Product.

If you have any difficulties activating SmarterStats, please contact SmarterTools support. Information can be found at

There are two types of activation modes in which SmarterStats can run. The Free mode allows most functionality for a single site. As the name states, the FREE Edition costs nothing. Activating with a License Key allows you to enter a valid license key that has been purchased from SmarterTools. Limits to the number of sites that can be added, along with limits on functionality, depend on the license key that you purchase.

Activate License Key

If you chose to activate a license key, you will need a valid license key and password that were emailed to you when you obtained your license key. Enter in the information from the email into the boxes and click on Activate Now to complete the activation.

Note: Activation of a license key requires the server to contact SmarterTools over port 443 (HTTPS). Please ensure that any firewall or internet security software you have installed allows an outgoing TCP port 443 request.