SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Server Defaults


  • Compression Level - Select the level from the drop down box that imported files should follow.
  • Idle Time between Loops - Enter the number of minutes the sever should be idle between loops.
  • Import Time of Day - Enter the start and end time the sever should be importing files.


  • Session Timeout - The minutes between when one session counts as a separate session, or the time of inactivity between website hits before one session becomes another.
  • Max Sessions Per Site - The number of concurrent sessions tracked when the server is importing log files. This setting should not be changed.
  • Reader Time Slice - The time dedicated to importing a single site's logs before moving on to the next site, in minutes. The optimum setting is between 5 and 45.
  • Reader Threads - The number of concurrent sites to import. The higher this number the more RAM and CPU cycles are necessary. The optimum setting is 1.
  • Base Priority - The thread priority of imports. This setting should stay at "Normal" or below. Increasing the priority increases the amount of CPU required.
  • Rows Before Sleep - The number of rows in a log file processed before the Worker Sleep Time. The lower the number, the less CPU required, but the slower the import.
  • Row Sleep Time - The number of milliseconds the service sleeps between processing rows in log files. Optimum setting is between 0 and 3. The higher the number the slower the import and less CPU required. If you want to import logs very quickly and CPU usage is not a problem, set this to 0.
  • Debug Level - The level of detail kept in the service log file. This should remain at 10 unless instructed to change it by a SmarterTools representative.

Click the Save icon from the actions tool bar to save all changes.