SmarterStats 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Filter Sets

Filtering specific data out of reports has become simple in SmarterStats. With Filter Sets, you can easily create multiple sets of data to limit the return values of your reports. Create different Filter Sets for each subset of data you want to track, and you can quickly flip between them when viewing reports.

With a filter set active, a separate line-item will appear at the bottom of reports that indicates the totals for the filtered items. In this fashion, the totals that appear in the tables still represent the actual values of your site.

To get started, click the Settings button on the main tool bar, and then select Filter Sets from the My Settings folder in the left tree view.

Adding a Filter Set

  1. Click on the Add Filter Set icon from the actions tool bar, or click on the name of a Filter Set to edit it.
  2. Filter Name - Enter a short but descriptive name for the filter set.
  3. Filters - Enter the items you want to exclude, one per line. Any text field in reports that contains any item in the list will be removed from the report and its values will be added to a summary line. Note: Filters are NOT case sensitive.
  4. Enable as active filter set - Enable this to use this set as the default whenever viewing reports.
  5. Click on Save icon from the actions tool bar to save the filter set.