SmarterTrack Help

Browser Requirements

SmarterTrack is fully supported by all modern browsers. (Older browsers may work as well, but your experience will be best, at minimum, using a browser from the list, below):

  • Google Chrome 30 and higher
  • FireFox 39 and higher
  • Safari 10.1 and higher
  • Opera 17 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer can exhibit some odd behaviors, especially when editing settings, KBs, canned replies, etc. This is due to the browser engine used by both. Until Microsoft releases Edge with the Chromium engine, we STRONGLY recommend you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari with SmarterTrack.


SmarterTrack offers the same robust experience on mobile as it does on the desktop. As long as the mobile browswer you use supports CSS, JavaScript and other modern scripting platforms, accessing the SmarterTrack interface is not a problem. Minimum versions supported: Chrome, Android 4.4 and iOS 10.