SmarterTrack Help

Installation Options

SmarterTrack is available as a traditional software installation or as a hosted service. Businesses that choose the traditional deployment of SmarterTrack can install the software onto a local or co-located server or in dedicated, VPS, and shared environments using the standard install download. Note: Administrators planning to deploy SmarterTrack with failover functionality may have special considerations to make regarding installation. For more information, see SmarterTrack Failover Functionality.

Installation on a Dedicated Server

Please refer to the Installing SmarterTrack page for step-by-step installation instructions for this environment.

Installation to a Shared Server

Please refer to the KB article Installing SmarterTrack on a Shared Server for step-by-step installation instructions for this environment.

Activation on Hosted SmarterTrack

Customers using the hosted solution of SmarterTrack will have access to the application shortly after activating a free trial or purchasing a paid subscription. Because SmarterTrack is already installed on servers owned and maintained by SmarterTools, hosted service customers do not need to worry about installation. However, they will need to follow the instructions provided in their welcome messages to activate and set up their hosted site.