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Upgrading SmarterTrack

This information is not applicable to those using the Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk.

Upgrading SmarterTrack can refer to two different types of upgrades: 1) a product upgrade, such as increasing the number of agents or upgrading to the Enterprise edition to unlock additional features or 2) a version upgrade, such as upgrading a version 6.x installation to latest version that has been released.

Product Upgrade

Because the SmarterTrack download contains all of the installation files needed for any licensing level or edition, upgrading editions or levels is relatively easy. With a valid license key, companies can easily upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise editions or increase the number of agents available in SmarterTrack. This is done by purchasing a license upgrade through the website or SmarterTools Sales Department. After the purchase is completed, a simple license reactivation is all that is needed for the change to take place. For complete instructions, please refer to the KB article Upgrade SmarterTrack Levels and Editions.

Version Upgrade

The steps for upgrading SmarterTrack from an older version of the application vary depending on which installation package is used -- the automatic installation package or the manual installation package. Before completing a version upgrade, administrators should verify that their SmarterTrack license is valid for the version they will be upgrading to. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the KB article Upgrade SmarterTrack.