SmarterTrack Help

Chat Rooms

While temporary agent conversations are hosted via instant messenger, some companies may want to conduct virtual meetings with employees. In this case, the administrator may create permanent chat rooms to host agent conversations. Chat rooms allow multiple different agents to join in group-level, department-level or even company-level conversations versus the one-on-one type of conversation handled via instant messenger.

To view a list of permanent chat rooms, click the Live Chat icon. Then, under Workspace in the tree view, click on Chat Rooms. A list of the various rooms you have access to will appear in the content pane.

Chat rooms function, more or less, identically to instant messages. The main difference, however, is that chat rooms can have different participants: not just agents, but entire Departments, whole Groups or individual Roles. (Instant Messages are just between one or more agents.) For more information, see Instant Messenger Overview.

The following options are available from the content toolbar:

  • Chat Room - This tab displays the conversation, in real time, between the Room's participants.
  • Participants - Displays the agents who are actively participating in the chat room.
  • With Access - This lists the agents who can participate in the chat room, based on how the permissions were set when the chat room was created.

Starting a Chat Room

Starting a Chat Room is very easy: Simply click on Chat Rooms from the tree menu, then click the New button in the content pane. Once you do, a modal window opens. The modal contains the following fields:

  • Name - This is the name of the chat room as it will appear in the content pane. For example, Support Chat or Marketing Chat.
  • Add Permission - This dropdown allows you to select an entire Department, a Group or even individual Roles as the participants in the room. You can add more than one of each, or a variety of them all as participants in the room. Each permission you add will be listed at the bottom of the modal, and you can remove permissions by simply clicking the X next to the permission name.

Once you've added a Name and set the participants, click the Ok button to start chatting!