SmarterTrack Help

Joining Instant Messenger Conversations

Agents can create a new instant messsage conversation by clicking the new item icon and then selecting Instant Message from the dropdown. They can also click on the Live Chat icon and click on Instant Messages under Workspaces, then clicking the New> button in the content pane. Regardless of how the instant message is started a new IM window with the following fields will open:

  • Agent - Select the agents you want to add to the IM thread from the dropdown list. Once all agents have been added, click the OK button.

To start the IM, simply type a message in the Message area and use the Return key on your keyboard to start the conversation. The agent you're starting the IM with will have a pop-up window appear with your name and message. They can then reply from the pop up or open the IM area and reply from within the main interface.

Agents can also join any active IM to which they have been invited, even if they previously ignored or rejected the IM. To join an IM already in progress, select the IM and click the Join button in the content pane toolbar or preview pane toolbar. This will open the IM in a pop-up window.