SmarterTrack Help

Instant Messenger Overview

SmarterTrack's instant messaging (IM) feature is different from live chat as instant messaging is internal to your help desk and promotes collaboration by allowing an agent to seek guidance from another, more experienced agent. This feature is useful when an agent needs clarification or help resolving a customer issue, but does not need to transfer a chat or ticket to another agent or supervisor.

Navigating Your Instant Messages

Agents and administrators can access Instant Messenger by clicking the live chat icon and then clicking Instant Messages in the navigation pane. (Under Workspace) A list of active IMs will load in the content pane.

Instant Messages are persistent and ongoing. So, a message started with an agent will remain within SmarterTrack. Most recent message threads will always appear at the top, with their last message date and time being displayed, along with the particular agent listed. Simply clicking on the thread opens it in the content pane and messages can be reviewed or discussions continued or restarted with the agent.