SmarterTrack 12.x Help

My Preferences

To edit your personal settings in SmarterTrack, click the Settings icon. Then expand the My Settings folder and click My Preferences in the navigation pane. Your agent settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to edit the following agent settings:

  • Username - The username that is used to log into SmarterTrack. Only administrators can modify this setting.
  • Authentication Method - The method used to log into SmarterTrack. The administrator can choose to allow agents to log in using a standard password, authenticate against active directory or by using an external provider that integrates your login with an external, third-party product like a CRM or control panel. Only administrators can modify this setting. Note: If the administrator has chosen password authentication, agents can modify their passwords by using the Change Password button in the content pane toolbar.
  • Authentication Domain - When Active Directory authentication is used, this is the domain name used for the authentication of your login username and password. Only administrators can modify this setting.
  • Email Address - The agent's email address.
  • Display Name - The friendly name used to identify the agent within the SmarterTrack system.
  • Display Name for Chat - There are times when agents may not want their real names displayed in the live chat window. For example, they prefer to use a nickname or, for safety reasons, they want to use an alias. Adding in a name here will replace the agent's real name when they interact with customers via live chat.
  • Time Zone - To specify the time zone, select the appropriate time zone from the list. While the default time zone is set by the administrator, agents can adjust their time zone based on their location. This is helpful for those companies that have customer service agents working in different geographic locations.
  • Preferred Language - The language the agent would like the Web interface to be shown in. The list of languages in the drop down menu is pulled from the list of configured Supported Languages.
  • Spell-Check Dictionary - Agents have the ability to select the default spell-check dictionary to use for tickets and live chats. SmarterTrack includes dictionaries for over 15 different languages but by default will attempt to use the language specified when an agent initially logs in.
  • Portal Signature - Agents can use this field to create a signature that will be displayed in the Portal, such as in Community threads and replies.
  • Avatar Provider - SmarterTrack allows agents and users to use popular services for maintaining consistency with the avatars they use across the Internet. This dropdown lists several, along with the option to upload a custom avatar.
  • Avatar - The display picture as provided by the Avatar Provider or the avatar uploaded via the Choose File button.
  • Subscribe to community posts automatically - Checking this box allows you to automatically subscribe to Community threads that you create or post in.
  • Email summaries of subscribed community posts - Checking this box allows notification emails for Community threads you're subscribed to that have had a new reply or the status or type changed.
  • Email comments of community posts in which I participate - Checking this box allows notification emails when a comment has been added to a Community thread reply that you participated in.
  • Email new messages from conversations - Checking this box allows notification emails for new messages received in the Community.
  • Community Messaging Enabled - Checking this box allows you to have private conversations among users and agents in the Community.

Contact Info

Use this tab to input any phone numbers for agents who are connected to, and using, SmarterTrack Communicator. Up to 4 different phone numbers can be added for any given agent.

Custom Fields

This tab displays the available custom fields for agent preferences. For more information on custom fields, see Custom Fields.


Use this tab to edit the following settings regarding the handling of tickets. These settings allow you to receive and reply to ticket messages directly from your email application/client.

  • Copy To Address - Adding a Copy To Address means that any ticket that is assigned to the agent will be copied to this email address as well. This includes every message that comes in from the end user, not only the initial ticket message. The agent can reply from their email application/client, and every ticket reply will be stored in and sent out from SmarterTrack using that department's SMTP settings, keeping the agent's personal email information anonymous. Note: This is enabled by default when an email address is entered in this field.
  • Other Reply From Address(es) - This field can be used with the Copy To Address setting to allow additional email addresses to send ticket responses. For example, if an alias is entered in the Copy To Address, each email address within that alias may be entered here to allow all members of the alias to reply to tickets. This is also useful if an agent has forwarding set up on their mailbox. Though the ticket message is received in Mailbox A and forwarded to Mailbox B, the agent can reply from Mailbox B.

Live Chat

Use this tab to edit the following settings regarding the handling of live chats:

  • Pop-up new chats automatically - Checking this box will display new live chats in a popup window. By default, this option is enabled.
  • Play chat sounds - Checking this box will enable SmarterTrack to play a sound when a chat message is received. By default, this option is enabled.
  • Play chat in queue sound - Checking this box will enable SmarterTrack to play a sound when a live chat is routed to the queue. By default, this option is enabled.