SmarterTrack 12.x Help


These settings are not available to those using the Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk.

To access licensing information for SmarterTrack, click the Settings icon. Then expand the Configuration folder and click Licensing in the navigation pane. The edition, status, upgrade protection expiration date and license level information will load in the content pane.

The following options are available from the content pane toolbar:

  • Activate - Activates a new SmarterTrack license key.
  • Reactivate - Reactivates a SmarterTrack license key.
  • Details - Displays details about the license, including license key, feature, status, upgrade protection expiration, limits and available trials. License details can also be seen by double-clicking on the license.
  • Buy Now - Allows the administrator to purchase a new license key.