SmarterTrack 12.x Help

Management Interface

Administrators will use this section to configure settings that affect the management interface of SmarterTrack, including basic settings, color scheme and CSS modifications.

To access this section, click the Settings icon. Then expand the Configuration folder and click Management Interface in the navigation pane. The settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to edit the following settings:

  • SmarterTrack Base URL - The URL for the SmarterTrack portal.
  • Enable simultaneous login to the portal and management interface - Checking this box will allow employees to log into both the portal and management interface at the same time. By default, this setting is disabled.
  • Enable automatic time log creation - Checking this box will allow time logs to be automatically calculated and created for call logs, tickets and live chats when the agents who owns the call log, ticket or live chat has it open for at least one minute.


Use this tab to modify the look and feel of the SmarterTrack management interface. To revert a color back to its default, you can either re-type the default color code as listed above, or simply delete the custom code and save your changes. When a color field is left blank, SmarterTrack will simply revert the field back to its default.

Note: For information on customizing the color scheme for the customer-facing portal for your brands, see Brands.

  • Primary Color - This is the background color for the title bars as well as the number badges that denote the number of items across the management interface. (E.g., the number of tickets). The default is #055E8A.
  • Secondary Color - This is the background color for the button bar in the content and navigation panes. (E.g., New, Actions). The default is #222222.
  • Link Color - This is the color for any links, headers and numeric indicators that appear in the content and navigation panes. (E.g, column headers). The default is #0088CC.
  • Add custom CSS rules to override basic SmarterTrack style sheets - SmarterTrack allows administrators to stylize their brand portals and/or the management interface with fully customizable CSS. Note: To modify SmarterTrack's styles, it is strongly recommended that you have a good understanding of cascading stylesheets and how to modify them. To modify a style, you should first use a Web browser like Chrome to inspect the element that you want to modify. (Using FireFox's Firebug plug-in will work as well). By inspecting the element you will see the class used and any styles associated with the class. You can then create a version of that style yourself, and then paste it in the box to override the default. Realize this will happen wherever that style is used, so changing one style can affect both the portal and the management interface. To revert back to the default style, simply remove your custom style from here and save your changes.

Knowledge Base

Use this tab to edit the following setting:

  • Items Stale After - The number of days after which articles become stale. Stale articles are still available in the portal, but should probably be reviewed and then have the stale date reset after review. By default, articles are stale after 90 days.