SmarterTrack 12.x Help

Viewing a Visitor's Who's On Summary

To view additional information about a visitor, simply click a visitor and the visitor's Who's On summary will load in the preview pane. Note: The information provided in the Who's On summary pertains to the current session only.

In general, the following options are available from the preview pane toolbar:

  • Print - Prints the information contained in the Who's On summary. Note: If viewing the management interface from a mobile device, this option may not be available.

Tabs within the Who's On Summary

Who's On summary details are organized within the following tabs:

  • Page Summary - This tab organizes the pages the visitor viewed by the number of times the visitor hit each page. This tab also includes information about the initial page title, the initial referrer, the current referrer, and the total amount of time the visitor spent on each website or portal page.
  • Page History - This tab displays the website and portal pages the visitor viewed in chronological order. This tab also includes the time the visitor viewed each page, the length of time the visitor viewed each page, and the number of hits for that page.
  • Invitation History - This tab displays information about the visitor's live chat activity in chronological order. Note: If the visitor has not participated in any live chats and has not received any live chat invitations, there will be no content in this tab.